Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator

Township Zoning Administrator

You may download copies of the Grant Township Ordinances for your perusal.

Grant Township Zoning Ordinance Click Here Grant Township Zoning Ordinance - 2023

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According to American Planning Association, a zoning administrator is the local government official responsible for “administering and enforcing the zoning code and land development regulations, including the issuance of zoning permits and master permits.” In the course of administering the zoning code, the zoning administrator frequently has to interpret provisions of the code as they apply to many specific situations. Zoning administrators often work in a city’s or county’s planning department.

The statutory duties of the zoning administrator are:

  • Renders decisions on variance applications and interpreting sections of the zoning code
  • Issues enforcement citations.
  • Reads architectural plans, understands the permit and building process
  • Works amicably with other city agencies and the public
  • Write reports and letters
  • Hold public hearings and make public presentations.
Kim Martens
Email: zoning@granttownship.org
Cell: (616) 799-3856
Fax: (231) 834-0288