The Grant Township Assessor
Newaygo County

What does the Assessor Do?

The assessment of properties for the purpose of property taxes is the responsibilities  of the assessor or supervisor of each individual city, village and township within the State of Michigan.  The assessor is accountable for two basic duties when assessing their municipality.  He or she must inventory and list all properties within the municipality.  Then all taxable property must be justifiably  appraised each year in accordance with the Michigan General Property Tax Laws.  The outcome of these two duties  is the annual assessment roll on which taxes will be levied.  The tax bill is determined by multiplying the taxable value after the application of all applicable equalization factors by the millage rates set by the various school boards, city councils, township boards and the county commission.

The goal of Michigan assessors is to produce the fairest possible assessment roll each year.  By measuring sales against appraised values and assessed values, the assessor can work to bring assessments close to the mandated level of fifty percent of market value and establish an equitable assessment roll.  In order to best accomplish this, the assessor needs the cooperation of taxpayers and other professionals in providing the needed data to allow for a proper estimate of the values of properties.

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